Our Value

Value Chain

A Global Footprint With A Sustainable Value Chain Product Design Combining Function,Design and Value

Our design process begins at our headquarters in Malaysia where our team of designers and engineers are constantly seeking new ways to improve people's driving experience by combining good design, safety, function, good quality and value.Each product starts with a functional need and a price. We then use our knowledge to ensure the development of products using the appropriate raw materials and manufacturing processes.

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Supply Chain

Ensuring Our Products Reach Their Destination On Time, Every Time

Our responsibility does not end after our products leave our manufacturing facilities

Vins Marketing continues to be deeply involved in every stage in the supply chain from the moment a product leaves one of our production sites until it is delivered to our customers. We ensure that our products are available to our customers when they need them, in perfect condition and at minimum cost, a challenge that requires detailed planning and flexibility in today’s fast-paced environment. We strive to continuously improve our consumer experience and reduce the impact of our logistics’ environmental footprint by getting our products to our customers in the most direct and cost-effective way, and with the least harm to the environment.

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